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Press Release
  • March 22, 2009   Web Stress Test Tool "Proxy Sniffer" V4.2 supports Mac OS X and dynaTrace   PDF   HTML

About Us - Ingenieurbuero David Fischer GmbH

Information about our company can be found on the About Us page of the Proxy Sniffer website.

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Company Logo of "Ingenieurbuero David Fischer GmbH" LogoEngineeringOfficeDavidFischerGmbH.jpg
Logotype of Proxy Sniffer Product LogoProxySniffer.jpg
Mascot of Proxy Sniffer Product MascotProxySniffer.jpg
Proxy Sniffer Product: Main Menu ProxySnifferMainMenu.jpg
Proxy Sniffer Product: real-time display of the measured data during test execution ProxySnifferRealTimeMonitor.jpg
Proxy Sniffer Product: detailed measurement result, progression of the response times ProxySnifferMeasurementResult1.jpg
Proxy Sniffer Product: test result - load curve diagrams. Rising response times depending on the number of concurrent web users. ProxySnifferMeasurementResult2.jpg
David Fischer, CEO and Company's Founder DavidFischer.jpg

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