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Press Release
Web Stress Test Tool "Proxy Sniffer" V4.2 supports Mac OS X and dynaTrace
Berne, Switzerland, March, 22, 2009 (ots) - The Swiss software company "Ingenieurbuero David Fischer GmbH" has released the new 4.2 version of its web load and stress test tool "Proxy Sniffer".
In addition to Windows and other Unix-like operating systems the web stress test tool now also supports Mac OS X with its own installation kit.
Furthermore, the 4.2 version comes with an improved presentation of measurement data, allowing a considerably more efficient analysis of the performance of web applications.
The Proxy Sniffer manufacturer "Ingenieurbuero David Fischer GmbH" is now a technology partner of the dynaTrace company. As a result of this partnership, Proxy Sniffer version 4.2 integrates with the dynaTrace Continuous APM Solution to provide a "deep-dive" performance diagnosis capability, right down to the code level. This enables to compare response times measured "from outside" with corresponding processes within the components of a Java or .NET based application server. If during a load or stress test an error occurs, or if poor response times are seen, the individual HTTP/S calls created by Proxy Sniffer can be traced using the dynaTrace Performance Analysis Solution, providing an efficient way to optimize and stabilize server-side program code.
Proxy Sniffer is mainly used for testing the stability and response-time behavior of web shops, web portals and online banking applications. By simulating hundreds or even thousands of web users Proxy Sniffer enables you to anticipate the performance under actual operating conditions of the tested web application.
A demo version is available free of charge for Windows and Mac OS X systems at Commercial licenses are available from as little as EUR 599. The Continuous Application Performance Management Solution from dynaTrace is not included with the Proxy Sniffer product, and can be purchased separately.
Proxy Sniffer Manufacturer
Ingenieurbuero David Fischer GmbH is an independent, privately-owned enterprise based in Switzerland, and is one of the leading manufacturers in the area of web load and stress test tools. The current Proxy Sniffer customer list consists of over 150 companies worldwide, mainly in the US and the UK, as well as in other EU countries.
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dynaTrace is the leader in continuous application performance management across the lifecycle for business critical Java and . NET applications. dynaTrace is the only solution that provides a common, integrated performance management platform for all key stakeholders - development, test and production. Industry leaders such as UBS, LinkedIn, EnerNOC, Fidelity, and Thomson Reuters use dynaTrace’s patent pending technology to gain full visibility into application performance, identify problems sooner and dramatically reduce the mean time to repair by as much as 90%. These and other leading companies rely on dynaTrace to proactively prevent performance problems from happening and quickly resolve those that do occur - saving time, money and resources.
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